Social Media Community Guidelines

BINGO Industries manages multiple social media channels and our goal is to create an engaging, thriving community where we can share information and have conversations around our services and values. If you interact with any of our social channels, you are agreeing to abide by these Community Guidelines. Our mission is to create a fun and engaging community that shares the same values and works towards a waste free Australia.

Comment Moderation and Response Policy
- We welcome your comments and feedback, provided that you share your viewpoint in a way that is respectful to us and our community, and is not inappropriate, off-topic, abusive, harassing, profane, or promoting/soliciting third-party sites, initiatives or products.
- We reserve the right to reject, hide or remove comments and posts that do not follow our guidelines and block or ban users/followers who violate this policy.
- By posting on one or more of our social media channels, you understand that your posts, and any ideas or techniques contained in them, may be freely used by us in any way and in any media, including on this forum, on our other websites and social media pages, and in our business.

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