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The BINGO Way - Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

BINGO’s vision is ‘Pushing for a Waste Free Australia’.

At BINGO, enough is never enough. Our people are a rare breed, pushing each other onwards to do more and do better. They’ve driven us forward, kept us fresh. They’re GOgetters! We believe in having the courage to challenge the norms, to work together for the betterment of our world. To have a lasting positive impact, we all must change what we’re doing and how we’re disposing of waste. Becoming waste free won’t be easy, but it’s the single most important thing we have to do, to ensure that no resource is wasted. When we improve, we push each other to the next level. We don’t say what others want to hear, we do what we have to do, to get the job done.

BINGO. Pushing for a Waste Free Australia.

Our Values - The BINGO Way


Be Loyal | Inside the Law | Never Say Never | Greatness is Earned | One Team, One Family

Bingo Industries

Be Safe

We put the safety of ourselves, our teammates and community, and the health of the environment first. We take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of those around us. We make a commitment to achieving Zero Harm and getting everyone Home Safe, each and every day.
Bingo Industries

Inside the Law

We work honestly, ethically and fairly. We abide by all BINGO policies and procedures to protect our safety and the safety of others in our workplace.
Bingo Industries

Never Say Never

We believe that there are only solutions, never problems. We strive to learn and grow so that we can better serve our customers.
Bingo Industries

Greatness is Earned

We aim to be great, not good. We adopt the best ideas and make them happen.
Bingo Industries

One Team, One Family

We are a company built on family values. We know that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Bingo industries

Our Safety Motto


Think Safe

We keep safety at the front of our minds, every minute of every day. Conditions are always changing on-site, so we TAKE 5 and look for hazards in our workplace. We understand the risks and we know the safety controls we need to put in place. We think about our own safety and the safety of those around us.

Be Safe

We commit to our Zero Harm Rules and we practice these rules no matter what site we are on or what work we are carrying out. We are always fit for work, free from alcohol or other substances. We are always trained, authorized and inducted for any work we carry out and we follow all rules and laws applicable to us.

Home Safe

Our families and friends are our motivation for coming home both physically and mentally safe from work. We take responsibility for our safety and the safety of those around us. At BINGO, People come first, always – before profit, vehicles or equipment. This means we have the authority to stop any work we think is unsafe because getting each other home safe to our families and friends is more important than anything.

BINGO's Strategic Framework