Pushing for a Waste Free Australia

At BINGO, our success is inextricably linked to sustainability.

BINGO’s strategic intent is to divert waste from landfill through: a recycling-led solution; investment in technology, and; continuous innovation to enhance sustainability outcomes and maximise returns. Through investing in recycling and resource management infrastructure, we assist our customers, governments and communities to move toward a truly circular economy, by closing the resources loop.

Our approach to sustainability is borne out of our Vision: ‘Pushing for a waste-free Australia”. It informs our strategy and is central to everything we do.

Our Sustainability Framework sets out BINGO’s view of, and approach to, Sustainability. It captures our core sustainability principles, and our long-term sustainability commitments across three interconnected lenses:

Energy and GHG Emissions | Resource Efficiency | Climate Risk | Environmental Management

Customer Service | Diversity and Inclusion | Social Responsibility | Health and Safety | Stakeholder Engagement | Education

Governance | Innovation | Sustainable Growth


We achieved a high annual recovery rate at our Minto recycling centre


Our waste education program reached 1,141 students in FY2018


We raised over $700,000 for Cancer Council and McGrath Foundation

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