Supplier FAQ’s

November 26, 2017

Supplier FAQ's Bingo Industries


Who has purchased National Recycling Group?

Bingo Industries, an ASX listed Company, is acquiring National Recycling Group (NRG), which is the parent company of DATS Environment Services (DATS), Melbourne Recycling Centres (MRC) and Harpers Bin Hire. 


When will this be effective?

The announcement was made public as of Monday the 27th of November 2017 and the completion of the process will be in early 2018.


Why is Bingo Industries buying NRG?

The acquisition provides a compelling strategic benefit for Bingo, including accelerating entry in Victoria and enhancing depth of network coverage in New South Wales.


How do NRG’s and Bingo’s products and services come together?

The acquisition will combine DATS’ 55 trucks, 3,200 bins and waste recovery facilities with Bingo’s existing fleet, bins and waste recovery facilities.


What is Bingo Industries?

Bingo is a leading recycling and waste management company providing end-to-end solutions across the waste management supply chain including operations in waste collections across the Building & Demolition (B&D) and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste markets. This also includes post collections in the B&D waste market including processing, separating and recycling across New South Wales and Victoria.


What will happen to unpaid invoices and outstanding accounts?

All processed and approved invoices will be paid according to the current payment terms. 


What will happen to current projects and works in progress? 

Customers are required to continue to send invoices on current projects to DATS/MRG until further notice. Over the course of the transition period, Bingo will be familiarising themselves with current suppliers, the work outsourced and your current terms and conditions. Any changes will be undertaken in consultation with you.


Who should we be liaising with at Bingo?

A key contact from Bingo will liaise with you throughout the transition period.


Do we need to supply any new information to Bingo?

Most of the supplier information will be provided to Bingo during the transition period and you will be contacted when required in due course.


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