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Can you recycle a house?

Bingo has it sorted!

Bingo has designed a FREE waste education program in collaboration with Planet Ark to promote and enhance sustainable practices and increase knowledge in waste production and recovery.

Our hands on activities give students the opportunity to learn about waste and the processes used to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle it.

Bingo is committed to promoting environmental stewardship through this FREE excursion at our Recycling Centre in Auburn, NSW—one of the most advanced and innovative recycling centre in the southern hemisphere.
With curriculum links to Science and Geography, the Bingo education program takes students on a recycling journey. They will explore the processes used to recycle building & demolition waste beginning with a bus tour which includes a look at recycling machinery “Big MRF!”.

Students are given the opportunity to literally deconstruct a house and sort the waste while learning about resource recovery and sustainability. This is achieved through hands on activities like designing an Eco-House and building a mini greenhouse out of recycled materials that they can take home.

Don’t waste another minute! Contact our education team today and book your school in for a fun, free and educational excursion.

Construction Waste Disposal
Deconstructing the house and sorting the construction waste.
Waste Recycling Program
Making a mini greenhouse out of recycled materials.
Bingo Waste Education
Allocating the Bingo trucks.
Waste Recycling Education
Exploring the recycling journey collaboratively.
Waste Recycling Education
Finding Bingo’s recycling centres on the map.
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