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Medical Waste Disposal: Handle With Care

May 23, 2018

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste solutions involve the careful collection, treatment and disposal of clinical and pharmaceutical waste. This also includes cytotoxic waste, sharps, x-rays, mercury, sterile wrap, single-use medical devices and hospital theatre plastics.

Such waste is generated at healthcare facilities including hospitals, dental practices, blood banks and medical research facilities.

In most cases, traditional bins are not the most suitable or the best form of disposal for medical waste. Sensitive, high-risk or hazardous waste must be handled in a safe and responsible way. Whether it is the destruction of products or the secure collection of substances, it is vital that medical waste is handled with care to prevent any risks to the health and wellbeing of the community.


The important steps for storage:


  • Medical waste must be stored in a way that reduces any threat to the environment, such as toxic waste

  • Medical waste containers must be stored in a safe and secure area, out of direct reach from the public and within clear paths for storage and collection

  • Cleaning and sterilising equipment must be within close proximity to the medical waste, so that in the rare instance of spillage, they are readily accessible

  • Sharps must be separated in an appropriate container that is durable, correctly labelled in accordance with industry requirements, and tightly sealed

There are also universal storage and identification implementations in the healthcare industry. These include colour coding and marking different waste types, which must also be factored into the storage process.

In addition, medical waste can only be collected by licensed professionals. This ensures that those responsible for the handling of these sensitive substances are well-trained and fully equipped. In addition, it also certifies that the process complies with safety and environmental regulations.

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