Why Your Business Should Invest In Cardboard Compactor Hire


Why Your Business Should Invest In Cardboard Compactor Hire

Four times the waste in a quarter of the space, cardboard compactor hire is an innovative and efficient waste management solution. A compactor is generally used to compress large volumes of recyclable paper and cardboard. This means that the weight remains the same, but the space that is taken up can be reduced by up to 80%. Many businesses across Australia implement this solution as part of their day-to-day operations, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Compactors save space as they are used for compressing large volumes of waste, and therefore clearing it out of the way
  2. Compactors are cost-efficient, as collection is not required as frequently as regular bins, and therefore the expense is not incurred as often
  3. They are sturdy and durable, making them fit for various types of businesses including retail outlets and industrial sites that generate a great deal of this waste type in receiving and distributing cardboard boxes through supplies and deliveries
  4. Compactors come in various sizes to ensure they conveniently fit within the area and can be simply manoeuvred when it comes to drop off, collection or repositioning
  5. They boast abundant recycling benefits in catering for recyclable materials and therefore making the sorting and separating process more simplified. This further streamlines the recycling process
  6. They accelerate the waste management cycle through efficient and convenient pick up and handling procedures and having the contents readily sorted upon collection
  7. Compactors are beneficial for most commercial industries. This includes, but is not limited to, retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, business offices and warehouses
  8. Compactors work to meet sustainability objectives, ensuring efficient recycling processes are in place and encouraging businesses to engage in resource recovery practices following the collection and handling
  9. lexibility in hiring arrangements according to the time frame a cardboard compactor hire will be required within; the frequency of collection; and pick-up at a business’ convenience
  10. Compactors ensure waste is being stored. As opposed to waste left lying around, a compactor is handily available for use

As we continue to deliver on our aim to provide a bin type for every purpose, cardboard compactor hire is a great solution for businesses. They work to help businesses sustain and reduce the volume of waste that is produced, and do so with ease and efficiency.
Compacting waste down to a quarter of the space, it is indicative that this confinement is suitable for bulk waste generating industries and greatly saves on storage. Further, for purposes other than paper and cardboard, compactors can additionally be used for general waste. Their use and operation is simple, with loading being as basic as opening the compactor door and placing the waste inside it. However, there are certain waste types that must not be placed in a compactor.

With every compactor we offer custom account management services and extensive training. Our commercial waste service ensures convenience, sustainability and greater resource recovery.

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