BINGO’s FY20 Sustainability Report wins GOLD

Written by Yeena Kirkbright Published on 1st October 2021

BINGO, for the second year running, has been recognised by Australia's leading reporting awards, winning GOLD for both our FY20 Sustainability and Annual Reports at this year's Australasian Reporting Awards

BINGO was one of only four companies to be awarded GOLD in the Sustainability Report of the Year Award category this year.

Sustainability is one of our key priorities and sits under the strategic enabler of Protect & Optimise the Core. Operating a sustainable business that delivers non-financial value for our communities and stakeholders is essential to maintaining our social license to operate.

Taking our stakeholders on our sustainability journey by providing high-quality and transparent information was the focus of these reports and we are honoured to be recognised along with some of Australia's largest, leading blue-chip stocks.

The Australasian Reporting Awards provide all organisations with an opportunity to benchmark their reports against the ARA criteria which are based on world best-practice. Gold Awards are presented for reports that satisfy all of ARA's reporting criteria.

Well done to the Finance, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs teams for this great combined effort to produce these award-winning publications.

Download BINGO’s Sustainability Report

Download BINGO’s Annual Report

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