BINGO’s Reconciliation Artwork

Published on 4th March 2021

BINGO’s Reconciliation Artwork

Sustaining Country and Resources by Wiradjuri artist Natalie Davies

Natalie Davies (Nanii to her family) is a Wiradjuri artist who has been painting for over 20 years.

Natalie is BINGO’s Learning and Development Coordinator and also sits on BINGO’s RAP Working Group.

With an open brief, Natalie wanted to create a family heirloom for BINGO that represented both the Company’s vision for Reconciliation and the importance of caring for Country and sustaining resources for future generations.

Natalie worked with the RAP Working Group and surveyed the BINGO Family to understand what was important to represent in the artwork. 

Titled Sustaining Country and Resources Natalie’s artwork reflects the many Nations from which our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GOgetters come from, as well as, the many Aboriginal Nations across which BINGO operates.

“First Nations Australians have cared for this Country for thousands of years. We used resources carefully and ensured whatever was being consumed, that there was always some left to regenerate in the next season,” Natalie said.

“BINGO’s focus on recycling and operating a sustainable business echoes this, and I wanted to capture that in the artwork. The yellow Gumtree flowers are representative of the abundance that nature gives back when cared for and respected,” she said.

“I wanted my artwork to be a message of hope and to represent the importance of working together to meet the environmental and waste challenges that we are facing in this country today,” Natalie said.

The many coloured dots represent the diversity of the BINGO team and the wider Australian community, working together to achieve true Reconciliation and protection of Country for future generations.

Each circle and oval motif represents an important element within BINGO’s Reconciliation journey, including the three pillars of our RAP - Opportunities, Relationships and Respect and our BINGO Way Values - Be Loyal, Inside the Law, Never Say Never, Greatness is Earned and One Team, One Family.
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Reconciliation Action Plan

We are committed to building strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and creating increased opportunities for employment, procurement and engagement.

Download a copy of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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