Written by Yeena K. Published on 23rd August 2019

Bingo Industries

Introducing our Zero Harm Rules

This week, all teams across BINGO have conducted a Zero Harm stand-down to introduce and learn about our new Zero Harm Rules.

Our Zero Harm Rules have been developed to assist in reinvigorating our approach to how we talk and communicate about safety.

BINGO’s Managing Director and CEO, Daniel Tartak, introduced the Zero Harm Rules to the business this week:

I know the most important objective I have as CEO is to ensure every member of the BINGO Family gets home safely each day.

The large number of moving vehicles on site and the number of hours our trucks are out on the road, means our people face inherent risks each day. Our Zero Harm Rules are tools which our people can use to control and minimise the risks associated with their roles.
” Daniel said.

Our Zero Harm Rules empower our team of GOgetters to maintain safe practices every minute of every day, ensuring we all reach home safely. Our non-negotiable Zero Harm Rules apply at all times and on all sites, no matter what type of work is being carried out.
Bingo Industries

There are 12 Zero Harm Rules in our suite, the most important rule being, People First. Always. This rule typifies our attitude to safety at BINGO and means that the safety of our people and those under our care comes before all else, including profit, vehicles or equipment.

I have made a commitment to stick to these Zero Harm Rules and I am asking every one of our GOgetters to do the same.

“I am passionate about achieving Zero Harm across our business and look forward to delivering improved safety performance in FY20.
” Daniel said.

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