BINGO recognised for work to assess modern slavery

Written by Yeena Kirkbright Published on 30th July 2020

BINGO has been recognised at the Australasia Supply Management Awards (CIPS) 2020 for excellence in supply chain risk management to assess modern slavery risk.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery is the exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain. Sometimes it may look like "employment" but actually the individuals caught in modern slavery are being controlled by their employer. They may face violence, threats, inescapable debt, be threatened with deportation or have their passport confiscated. People can become entrapped making our clothes, serving our food, picking our crops, working in factories, or working in houses as cooks, cleaners or nannies.

Why does BINGO care about Modern slavery? 

Modern slavery is all around us, but often just out of sight and there is a high-risk that it is in our supply chain, in the goods we procure internationally and even potentially the goods and services we procure here in Australia. As a company that purchases goods and services, we have a responsibility to assess the potential for modern slavery in our supply chain and work with our suppliers to ensure we are not complicit in modern slavery. In 2018 the Commonwealth enacted the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 establishing Australia’s national Modern Slavery Reporting. This requirement has been a great driver for action to stamp out modern slavery.

What is BINGO doing?

As part of our Responsible Sourcing program and with the assistance of our supply chain partners Precision Solutions Group and Infosys Portland we embarked upon a comprehensive evaluation aimed at better understanding our supply chain and the potential risks of modern slavery from our operations and extended supply chain internationally. The evaluation included a 12-month external spend review, procurement documentation and policy assessment, development of relevant training and conducting on-site field assessments of high risk suppliers in China and Vietnam.

In addition to this, we have rolled out our Supplier Code of Conduct and made improvements to our due diligence processes for onboarding suppliers. By working to increase awareness across the business and developing appropriate strategies and plans. BINGO will be publishing our first Modern Slavery Statement later this year.

We understand that work to assess and prevent modern slavery is an on-going commitment for companies and we are focused on continuing to make improvements in this area including providing training for key employees who procure goods and services for BINGO. Well done to the Procurement and Sustainability teams for this piece of important work. 

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