Eastern Creek

Update on Eastern Creek Landfill Facility

Published on 27th August 2021

Update 27 August

Flares back online

BINGO advises that all three flares in its landfill facility at Eastern Creek are now back online.

Update 25 August

Landfill flare maintenance

BINGO advises that maintenance on one of the flares in our Eastern Creek landfill is close to completion and the flare is expected to be back online tomorrow, Thursday 26 August.

Update 13 August

Landfill flare under maintenance at Eastern Creek

BINGO advises that one of the flares in our Eastern Creek landfill has been shut down today for maintenance and is currently not operating. The remainder of the gas collection and management system, including the two remaining flares, is operating effectively. 
BINGO will provide further updates on the status of the flare as appropriate.

Update 22 June

Drilling for final wells underway

Drilling has commenced for the final four wells as part of the advanced gas collection and management system being installed at BINGO’s Eastern Creek facility.
After a significant reduction in odour emissions from the site over the past two weeks since the installation of the third flare, drilling operations may result in a temporary increase in odour emissions from the site.
Drilling operations are expected to continue for the next two to three days.
If you do experience odour, please let us know through our environmental hotline at 1300 032 747 or at bingoindustries.com.au/contact-us

Update 17 June

Third flare now operational. Fourth flare to be added, along with additional wells

BINGO has installed a third flare as part of its advanced gas collection and management system at its Eastern Creek landfill. The three flares and 27 wells are now operating at close to 100%, and we now intend to add a fourth flare and drill an additional four wells.
The system continues to operate effectively. This has resulted in a substantial reduction in odour emissions from the facility, and subsequently we have not received an odour complaint since 6 June 2021. The EPA has confirmed that they have experienced a similar reduction in odour complaints. 
The installation of the gas collection and management system was fast-tracked in order to resolve the issue as expeditiously as possible. The international contractor installing the new system has advised us that they have never seen a comparable system installed in such a short time-frame.
We continue to conduct odour surveys in surrounding communities multiple times per day, and we have a dedicated team monitoring the surface of the landfill. If an emission site is identified in the landfill, measures are taken as soon as possible to provide further compaction and cover to the area.
While there is further work to be undertaken, we are confident that we now have the matter well in hand.

Update 31 May

Two flares operating at Eastern Creek

BINGO now has two flares operating at its Eastern Creek site as part of the company’s odour mitigation activities (see photo below). The plumes from the flares are a result of the combustion of gas from the landfill, a process that eliminates the odour from this gas. By the close of business on Tuesday 1 June all wells are expected to be connected to these flares and the gas collection and management system will be fully operational. 

The system is already operating efficiently and since the commissioning of the second flare no odour has been detected from the site. BINGO believes it now has the matter well in hand.

It should be noted that there are a significant number of other potential sources of odour in this area, including other landfills, waste transfer stations, food manufacturers, composting facilities, bitumen producers, and major sewer lines.  Ongoing complaints from the community are increasingly unlikely to be caused by BINGO’s facility. The EPA has already confirmed that recent odour surveys have detected odour from other facilities.
Bingo Industries

BINGO’s gas collection and management system, Eastern Creek

Bingo Industries

Update 24 May

Stage 1 of gas collection and management system installed and operational; Stage 2 to be installed this week

BINGO has completed the installation of Stage 1 of the gas collection and management system at Eastern Creek as part of the company’s ongoing odour mitigation activities.
Stage 1, which includes the installation of a flare and 15 gas wells, was completed last week and work on Stage 2 is well underway. Stage 2 comprises a second, larger flare and an additional six wells and is expected to be completed by the end of this week.
Stage 2 is expected to resolve the matter for the long-term. The modular system currently being installed will allow for future expansion to ensure effective control of odour for the life of the landfill.

Once the landfill gas collection and management system has been installed it will be continually monitored to ensure it is operating effectively.

Update 17 May

BINGO installing odour mitigation gas collection and management system

As part of BINGO’s ongoing odour mitigation activities at Eastern Creek, we have engaged a leading international contractor to install a gas collection and management system in our landfill. 

Work commenced on 13 May 2021 and included the following activities:
  • monitoring of landfill gas emissions in the surface of the landfill to identify hot spots for targeted control; and
  • drilling and installation of gas wells connected to a flare which will collect and destroy odorous gases before they reach the surface of the landfill.

The system has a modular design that will allow for future expansion to ensure effective control of odour from the site upon operation and in future as landfilling continues

Following commissioning of the landfill gas collection and treatment system it will be continually monitored to ensure it is operated effectively.

The landfill gas and treatment system currently being installed will result in a significant improvement in odour emissions currently emanating from the site. These systems are routinely employed on landfills across the world for treatment of odour arising from landfill gas emissions.

There may be the potential for temporary unpleasant odour during well installation. A number of measures will be employed to control potential odour emissions as a result of drilling, including:
  • work will only be undertaken during daylight hours when odours are more readily dispersed and controlled;
  • a deodoriser will be employed on site at the drilling locations to treat any odours at the source of drilling;
  • any waste exhumed during drilling will be landfilled and covered immediately; 
  • gas wells will be covered and capped when left overnight if incomplete; and
  • odour monitoring will continue to be undertaken to allow responsive management.

Given BINGO’s commitment to resolving this issue we continue to expedite the delivery of all actions required to mitigate the odour issue at our site. 

The timeline for the installation of the gas management infrastructure is as follows: 
Action Timeframe
Gas drilling contractor and equipment arrives on site 13 May 2021
Gas well drilling and installation commences 14 – 17 May 2021
Connect gas wells to collection infrastructure 15 – 17 May 2021
Install and connect flare to gas collection system 15 – 18 May 2021
Commission flare Week commencing 17 May 2021
Progressive installation and connection of additional gas wells (as required) to the flare for the period 17 May – 27 May 2021
Bingo Industries

Drilling rigs

Drilling rigs are on site and drilling has commenced
Bingo Industries


Infrastructure installation has commenced on-site

Update: 10th May 2021

BINGO would like to provide the local community with an update on the actions we have taken to address the odour issue at our Eastern Creek landfill facility and to apologise for its occurrence.

As soon as we were made aware of odour within the local community in early April, we took the following immediate actions:

  • commissioning an odour audit and review to assist in identifying potential sources of odour;
  • commencing additional daily inspections of the landfill, including leachate tanks, to identify any areas of odour; and
  • if areas of odour were identified in the landfill, additional cover, in excess of licence requirements, was applied.

The NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) advised BINGO that two potential sources of odour were identified in the landfill - the leachate riser and vent pipe. The high levels of leachate impacting the leachate riser was the result of a one in a hundred-year rain event in March where significant volumes of water entered the landfill, increasing the potential for the production of odour.  Our landfill accepts inert, non-putrescible waste typically derived from construction and demolition and commercial and industrial sources and does not accept putrescible waste (such as waste in domestic red bins and food waste).  Odour is therefore not a typical issue at our facility, as it may otherwise be for other surrounding facilities.

BINGO took the following immediate actions in consultation with the EPA:

  • to manage any immediate odour within the vicinity of the leachate riser and vent, applied lime to those areas to disperse any potential odour;
  • expanded the scope of the odour audit given feedback on the location of the community complaints from the EPA;
  • commissioned a consultant to undertake a gas assessment (taking samples from the leachate tanks and riser) to determine whether there were specific chemical compounds responsible for the odours detected;
  • significantly reduced the tip face and application of additional cover and further compaction of fill at various locations across landfill; and
  • appointed staff to attend site outside of operating hours to monitor odour.

We then sealed the gaps or cracks in the riser, added mulch as a bio-filter to both the riser and the vent and applied additional cover.

In addition, we have:
  • applied activated carbon to impacted areas, as advised by our consultants;
  • undertaken leachate riser extension, including waterproofing and leachate pump replacement;
  • commenced an investigation into the effectiveness of an activated carbon filter to fit the leachate riser;
  • undertaken further monitoring and “hot spot” identification;
  • worked with Sydney Water to increase rates of leachate extraction;
  • increased the volume of clean soil we apply across the entire landfill and
  • investigated gas capture and management options.

We are expediting the installation of new infrastructure to collect and treat landfill gas. This infrastructure will resolve the problem for the long-term.

We are very conscious of the impact odour can have on local residents and once again we sincerely apologise for any discomfort and inconvenience this may have caused you in recent weeks. We are doing everything we can to manage the issue on our site.

We intend to fully resolve this matter as soon as possible and ensure it does not occur again in the future.

We encourage members of the public who may have any questions or concerns to contact us on our environmental hotline at 1300 032 747 or at bingoindustries.com.au/contact-us.

For further information:
Environmental hotline:             1300 032 747
General BINGO enquires:        1300 424 646

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