What We Can Learn from Schools Tree Day

Written by BINGO INDUSTRIES Published on 25th July 2017

What We Can Learn from Schools Tree Day

Schools Tree Day is a national initiative by Planet Ark, engaging students to take part in environmentally friendly activities. Linked to syllabus outcomes in Society & Environment and Science, Schools Tree Day is about more than planting a tree. It teaches our students about the value of the environment and why we should work together to preserve it.

Besides being educational and informative, Schools Tree Day also develops on the idea that spending time outdoors has many benefits for children.


Research suggests that frequent outdoor activity contributes to improving academic performance through concentration and higher attentiveness. It has also been suggested that the positive effect of nature is so strong that it can help children with ADHD. Experts explain that in many cases, kids with the disorder often concentrate better after spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors.


It has also been proven that by being outside, students are subject to lower levels of stress. In turn, this also means a boost of confidence and higher levels of self-esteem. This is through mental factors such as relieving tension when engaging in physical activity, and social factors such as spending time with classmates as a way to improve people skills and interaction.


Taking part in active exercises contributes to a child’s health and well-being. In keeping to a healthy weight range, this is important in tackling Australia’s growing obesity levels. Further, when it comes to recovering from an injury such as a strain, students who are more physically active generally recuperate quicker.


Spending time outdoors builds a great appreciation for, and connection to, nature. This improves environmental stewardship. In the long run, stewardship is crucial for protecting natural resources and biodiversity. Fostering love of the environment, a simple task such as planting one seed, helps strengthen the bond students have with the natural environment.

In many European countries for instance, outdoor activity and even outdoor learning are catching on like wildfire. In Finland, primary school students must spend 15 minutes outdoors, every hour. With the common phrase being repeated “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”, this is mandatory through rain, hail or shine.

Through programs such as Schools Tree Day, we set an example to our future generation that provides more value than what appears on the surface. Encouraging one outdoor activity opens the door to opportunity for environmental benefits and the advantages of being outside with nature.

At Bingo Education, we believe in promoting environmental stewardship. Our free excursion gives students the opportunity to explore our most innovative recycling centre and spend time outdoors… doing great things for nature. This too caters to a variety of learning styles, while being linked to syllabus outcomes. The free excursion based in Sydney provides meaningful experiences that link back to life-long learning and responsibility.

Join us in implementing and encouraging the importance behind National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day, every day.

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