Planning For Waste Management In Victoria: Skip Bin Hire & Systems

Written by BINGO INDUSTRIES Published on 25th March 2018

As residential and commercial developments are on the rise in the State of Victoria, the Victorian government have prepared guidelines for Waste Management Plans that influence waste management Melbourne-wide. This addresses the importance of implementing efficient waste management solutions. The official Guideline requires details of:

  1. Land use details
  2. Waste generation
  3. Waste systems
  4. Bin quantity, size and colour
  5. Collection frequency
  6. Additional waste requirements
  7. Scaled waste management drawings
  8. Collection contractors
  9. Signage

As an end-to-end waste management and recycling company, Bingo has recently expanded to Victoria and we gladly provide waste solutions for all businesses – commercial and industrial.

Waste Generation and Waste Systems for Efficient Melbourne Waste Management

In the State of Victoria, all commercial businesses and industrial sites must ensure that the handling and disposal of recyclable materials are easily accessible and are disposed of correctly. To successfully handle waste generated rubbish, recyclables and additional streams such as organic waste, there are various technologies and equipment available for individuals and businesses.

Front Lift and Rear Lift Bins

Our front lift bins are the perfect sustainable waste management solutions for medium to large commercial & industrial waste. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other solutions such as rear lift bins and compactors for efficiency and improved recycling abilities.

Our rear lift bins are easy to manoeuvre and are perfect for sites where space is limited or access is restricted. Ideal for small to medium commercial & industrial waste and are a flexible waste collection and disposal system.

Compactors and Balers

For medium to large volumes of waste including general waste and recyclables such as paper & cardboard waste compactors and balers are efficient, resourceful and cost-effective. While compactors are ideal for large volumes of any waste type; balers are more tailored towards recyclables. The advantage of the compactors and balers is that they reduce the frequency of bin pick-ups and reduce space. They are also hygienic, safe and cautious. Waste

Speciality Bins

As part of a waste management plan, it is essential to consider different waste streams, other than the usual general waste, comingled and paper & cardboard. For instance, in a medical environment, it is required that clinical/pharmaceutical waste is disposed of in a medical waste bin. Speciality bins further extend to secure document bins, medical bins, and sanitary bins to name a few. This means that depending on the business, property or industry, all types of waste management generated must be accounted for.

In a bid to move away from landfill and increase recycling, waste management plans are crucial when accounting for different types of waste. This is especially the case for Melbourne waste management. To find out more about Bingo’s waste management solutions across Victoria, visit

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