Sustainability report

Written by BINGO INDUSTRIES Published on 13th December 2019

Detailing our sustainability progress and key highlights for the 2018/2019 financial year, BINGO’s 2019 Sustainability Report is now available.

Sustainability Highlights

We believe sustainability and profitability are inextricably linked. In fact, sustainability is at the centre of everything we do—and so is transparency.

For the third year in a row, we’ve voluntarily audited our recovery rates through an objective third party—and like our motto of going above and “beyond compliance”, we’ve achieved an average recovery rate of 77% —higher than our goal of 75%, with our Eastern Creek facility achieving an astounding 85% recovery rate.

Operations update

Our redevelopment plan has seen two significant improvements, with the opening of our first recycling centre in West Melbourne in April 2019, and the NSW Paton Lane facility in July 2019.

In March 2019, we also formally welcomed Dial A Dump Industries (DADI) into the BINGO family. DADI provides a complementary strategic asset in Alexandria and a master asset in Eastern Creek, and forms part of our plan to reconfigure our NSW network to enhance operational efficiencies, and expand along Australia’s east coast in FY21 and beyond.

Recycling Ecology Park

We have a vision to create the Recycling Ecology Park at Eastern Creek in the rapidly-growing Western Sydney precinct.

Once complete, the facility will accept all streams of waste, and broaden the range of recycled end products we deliver as we steward change in the waste industry.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the park will operate 100% from renewable energy, with solar PV rooftop systems and batteries, and gas-fired power generation to meet the site’s additional electricity needs.

Every material has the potential for a second life

We’re committed to increasing our resource recovery rates by recovering reusable products, and introducing them back into the market. 

The sale of these recovered and repurposed products contributed to an incredible $13.4 million in revenue.

Responding to climate change

We are committed to reducing our operational impacts and our carbon footprint through recycling and
increasing our use of renewable energy. In 2019, we made our first Climate-related Financial Disclosure in line with the UN’s Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

We published our Climate Change Position Statement which highlights four key actions BINGO will take in response to the climate crisis.

So far, we have:
  • ​Installed solar panels at our Auburn facility and head office
  • Sponsored National Recycling Week
  • Investigated fuel consumption across our truck fleet
  • Investigated indirect emission use through electricity supply

A Zero Harm approach

With over 1,000 employees in the BINGO family, it’s more important for us now than ever to champion Zero Harm. To improve our safety performance, we worked hard in 2019 to ensure safety is embedded in our culture, this included developing new safety messages and policies across the organisation, and introduced our 12 Zero Harm Rules.

We’ve also undertaken an independent review of our safety systems, and are one of the first companies in Australia to be certified with the ISO 45001:2018 safety standards. Because everyone deserves to be—and feel—safe.

Want to find out more about BINGO’s sustainability?

Want to find out more about BINGO’s sustainability? Check out our full 2019 Sustainability Report.

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