Sustainability for Sydney School Students

Written by BINGO INDUSTRIES Published on 26th April 2017

Our growing population has called for greater environmental awareness amongst future generations. As we aim to engage in eco-friendly practices through our business, we also actively encourage members of the community to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. A newly established branch of Bingo Industries, Bingo Education, was created to teach Sydney school students to value the environment by behaving sustainably.

As an ongoing initiative meeting curriculum requirements, we’ve collaborated with Planet Ark to teach local school students how they can make a global difference. Our exclusive partnership has enabled us to position ourselves as unique participants in the industry. We focus on the importance of the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – at the essence of what we endorse.

Students are taken on a recycling journey linked to syllabus outcomes. This grants meaningful experiences that link back to life-long learning and responsibility.

What happens on a recycling excursion?
  1. Exploring the recycling journey to physically see where their waste goes: Firstly, a bus tour is held around our Auburn Recycling Centre. his gives Sydney school students the opportunity to ride around the most advanced and innovative recycling centre in the southern hemisphere! Students also get to see Big MRF- our exclusive recycling machinery. They then discover the process of disposing of building and construction waste once collected and how it is then handled.
  2. Deconstructing a house and sorting out construction waste: We’ve specifically designed and created a house for the program for students to break down the contents of. This also involves tipping the waste into a Bingo skip bin. In turn, students can come to understand what materials are recyclable.
  3. Making a mini greenhouse out of recycled materials: Using recyclables, students can then create their very own mini greenhouse. In transforming a bottle into a mini greenhouse, students can day by day see the seedling grow into a small plant. We encourage students to nurture the plant at home or at school.
  4. Designing a sustainable house: Students experience the process involved in “recycling a house.” They are then given the opportunity to design their own eco-house.
The recycling excursion aims to empower students to care for their environment through simple steps. This is encouraged through basic exercises in school or home life. Drawing greater focus on the importance of environmental sustainability and the responsibility each individual holds, the program is not only enjoyable, but highly informative.

Excursion Details

Location       :   Bingo Central Auburn
Start Time    :   10:00 am
Finish Time  :   01:00 pm

Free Excursion
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