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Works commencing on leachate riser at Eastern Creek Landfill

Published on 14th April 2022

BINGO wishes to inform local residents adjacent to our Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park, that upgrade works will be commencing on the leachate riser in our landfill from Tuesday 03 May to Tuesday 10 May 2022.

On 11 March 2022 BINGO received formal approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to install a permanent landfill gas flare and collection system in our Eastern Creek Landfill facility. The leachate riser upgrade is the first phase of activities under this program of works. 

The purpose of the leachate riser upgrade is to increase the landfill gas capturing activity around the leachate riser.

What work will be taking place?

The leachate riser upgrade works will be conducted in the following sequence:

  • Cleaning the area around the sump to allow installation of horizontal gas capture wells underground.
  • Installing the horizontal gas wells and increasing the height of the transport pipes transferring the gas to the installed flares on site.
  • Increasing the height of the leachate sump pipe.
  • Landfilling and covering the cleaned area with a new a layer of materials to reach the leachate sump height.

What is BINGO doing to prevent odour during the works?

There may be potential for a small amount of odour to be released from the leachate riser during these works. To mitigate odour BINGO will be carrying out the following precautions:

Constantly, during all the processes above, neutralising potential odour by spraying an odour control liquid solution on the exposed surface; and

Installing an odour curtain around the area of works.

What should I do if I have an issue?

If community members do experience odour, we ask that you call BINGO’s environmental hotline on 1300 032 747 or click here to contact us. 

Where can I go for more information?

For more information about BINGO’s approved Permanent Flare System for Eastern Creek, please visit:

Landfill Gas Management Update

Temporary Landfill Gas Management System impacted by severe weather event

The heavy rainfall event through January to April this year (which recorded the highest rainfall on record since 1859) temporarily impacted the efficacy of our integrated landfill gas management system due to localised flooding within the landfill. Covering and capping within the landfill has also become more difficult due to the continued heavy rainfall.

Since 15 March 2022, BINGO has received a number of complaints from the local community regarding odour in the Eastern Creek area. We’d like to provide the community with an update on the actions we have taken to address these complaints.

BINGO previously identified that three of our five temporary flares were not operating at full efficacy from 10 - 15 March 2022 due to water from the recent heavy rain entering the electrical control systems.

What has BINGO done to respond to the issue?

  • Flare one and Flare three have been repaired and are now operating efficiently.
  • Flare six (an additional flare) was installed and fully operational on 2 April 2022. The landfill now has five flares operating efficiently, including one high-capacity flare (with a capacity double the other flares).
  • Repairs to Flare two are ongoing, replacement parts are being air freighted from the UK and this flare is expected to be operational mid-April. 
  • The connection of four additional gas collection wells that were originally planned for connection with the commissioning of the permanent flare system has commenced. This will further improve the collection of gas along the southern side of the landfill.
  • Daily control checks and maintenance of the leachate treatment plant (LTP), and the trialling of chemical treatments to reduce odour.
  • Preventative maintenance on one of four tanks in the LTP, while ensuring the remainder of the treatment plant remained online.
  • Surface water catchment installed at base of access road and the installation of additional pumps.
  • Off-site odour monitoring in neighbouring community residential areas.
  • Daily on-site monitoring for surface gas and odour.
  • Landfill Filling Plan (LFP) approved and is being executed.
  • Working with Sydney Water to increase rates of leachate extraction while continually pumping pooled surface water to the sewer. Sub-surface and surface water pumping recommenced on 22 March 2022.
  • We are continuing to monitor and repair as necessary damage to cover, and capping caused by excessive rainfall.
  • We have completed a review of the gas extraction system and expedited correction of issues such as build-up of condensate in the pipes.

Actions currently underway

Further actions currently underway include the following:

  • The implementation of the permanent flare system, which was approved on 11 March.
  • Establishing four additional gas collection wells proposed for connection in the south-east area of the landfill to improve capture capacity.
  • Installation of five new wells in the centre of the site.
  • Reviewing options for upgrading monitoring requirements.
  • Procurement of permanent flare and early site establishment preparatory works.
  • Approved over $3.5 million in capital investment.
  • Planning for a new leachate riser lift is in the final stages and ready to activate when conditions permit.
  • Evaluating leachate management plant upgrade and interim management solutions, with a focus on improving plant reliability and availability.

We encourage members of the public who may have any questions or concerns to contact us on our environmental hotline at 1300 032 747 or through our contact us page.

Eastern Creek
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Eastern Creek
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Works commencing on leachate riser at Eastern Creek Landfill

BINGO wishes to inform local residents adjacent to our Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park, that upgrade works will be commencing on the leachate riser in our landfill from Tuesday 03 May to Tuesday 10 May 2022.

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