Bingo Announces Victorian Expansion


Following momentous performance in FY2017, Bingo has proudly announced its much-anticipated national expansion- with Victoria being the first state for growth. The Company has recently acquired three waste management businesses in Melbourne, securing a fleet of 40 vehicles and two recycling facilities. In addition, Bingo has created an additional 100 jobs, and counting, for Melbourne locals.

When commenting on the expansion, CEO Daniel Tartak validated the desirability of the market, stating:

“The Victorian end market is attractive; growth fundamentals are strong; and government legislation is supportive of our business model that diverts waste from landfill for recycling… With the scalability of our platform, operating systems and back office we are well positioned to grow into Victoria”

Following New South Wales, Victoria is the second largest waste generating state in Commercial and Industrial (C&I), and Building and Demolition (B&D) waste. With the accomplishments and developments of Bingo Industries across the C&I and B&D industries across New South Wales, this comes as no hurdle for the Company. Reaffirming FY18 forecasts, the Victorian expansion is a giant leap in Bingo’s national plans and another milestone for the Group.

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