BINGO steps up again for STEPtmeber

Bingo Industries

This year, BINGO was proud to be the Major Sponsor of the Cerebral Palsy Alliances’ STEPtember campaign.

The BINGO team put in a mammoth effort raising over $221,000 for CPA’s vital work to support people living with cerebral palsy, coming in second on the fundraising leader board.

This year there was hot competition amongst BINGO’s 29 teams, with 114 participants taking over 39.5 million steps.

From Damian Percy, Business Development Manager Cerebral Palsy Alliance
“As we move toward the end of what has been another very challenging year that has seen radical changes in the way we work and interact, never in our wildest dreams did we think that STEPtember 2021 would bring us the results it did. With BINGO’s support we’ve broken all records!

Over 130,000 participants across Australia stepped up and raised in excess of $18million to support people living with cerebral palsy. It’s been our biggest and most successful campaign yet!

BINGO coming on board as a major partner this year was a real game changer, with 114 BINGO participants taking 39,623,130 steps and raising an amazing $221,560. In addition to what was raised by the team the BINGO dollar-match-day further amassed an incredible $1.7million.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s vision is an inclusive society for all Australians living with disability. We want to ensure that babies, children, teenagers and adults living with CP and other neurological and physical disabilities are able to lead the most comfortable, independent and inclusive lives possible. BINGO’s support has gone a very long way in helping us achieve these goals.”

Speaking about STEPtember, BINGO’s STEPtember coordinator Ema Volavola, said, “With mental and physical health front of mind during this pandemic, there has never been a better time for our teams to get active. STEPtember created a great opportunity to get our teams moving and to contribute positively to the community. There was plenty of healthy competition between the teams and demonstrating our BINGO Way values the team’s fundraising efforts have been really impressive.”

Funds raised by BINGO for STEPtember will enable vital services and equipment for people living with cerebral palsy and expand research to prevent and treat cerebral palsy - the most common physical disability in childhood. Every 20 hours, an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy. It is a physical disability, which can affect body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance.

“There are several people within the BINGO family who have someone close to them impacted by cerebral palsy and who have witnessed first-hand the work CPA do to give support and help to adults and children, and their families, living with cerebral palsy. With early diagnosis and treatment, providing therapy and equipment people living with cerebral palsy can have much more comfortable lives.” Ema said.

Last year, BINGO participated officially for the first time in STEPtember, taking 28.7 million steps and raising over $150,000. BINGO was recognised by CPA as the “Most Outstanding New Partner” and the third highest fundraiser.

About Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) has been providing world-class services for individuals and families living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities for 75 years. CPA help babies, children, teenagers and adults living with cerebral palsy lead the most comfortable, independent and inclusive lives possible. CPA was developed by a group of parents of children with cerebral palsy and now operates from over 132 sites.

About STEPtember
Founded by Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2010, STEPtember is Australia’s leading health and wellness charity event that challenges participants to take the equivalent of 10,000 steps per day during the month of September while raising funds to improve the lives of children and adults who live with cerebral palsy.

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