Has-A-Bin Acquisition


After 50 successful years in the waste management industry, Bingo Industries is proud to announce the recent acquisition of industry leader H. Hassarati & Co.’s, Has-a-Bin. The waste transport and removal company specialises in servicing commercial and industrial businesses. In line with our sustainable objectives, Has-a-Bin has placed great importance on recycling through their operations which has the made the acquisition even more desirable.

Taking over the Company’s Skip Bins and Recycling services we can now extend our network and resources to supply a wider range of waste bins and operate a broader fleet system.

The addition of our newest Greenacre recycling centre is as a result of this great procurement and the strategic presence of our facilities across New South Wales. As we continue to fulfil our promise that every skip bin must go to a recycling centre, the expansion of our operations makes our processes and procedures all the more efficient.

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