Launch of BINGO Sand Soil Supplies


Closing the gap in the supply chain, Bingo’s most recent service, Sand & Soil Supplies focus on the recovery and reuse of recyclable products in the Construction & Development (C&D) industry. Supplying quarried sand and soils; aggregates and pebbles; recycling sand, soils and aggregates; roadbase and subbase; mulch and compost; and hardware & building products. Our extensive range is suitable for small to extra large scale projects.

As part of our commitment to drive a sustainable future, our aim is to be an advocate for change. Through promoting the diversion of waste away from landfill and encouraging recycling, Bingo Sand & Soil Supplies contributes towards this sustainability objective.

In FY17, Bingo Industries recovered over 225,000 tonnes of brick and concrete; 24,000 tonnes of metal; and 24,000 tonnes of timber. As this recovery process is a part of all our operations, our latest arm, Sand & Soil Supplies was built on diverting waste for an industry we are active participants in, C&D.

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