Partner Planet Ark Celebrates Quarter Century


The Bingo Industries and Planet Ark collaboration has been a significant collaboration, fostering ways for both Bingo and Planet Ark to fulfil their efforts to build a sustainable Australia.

Our fruitful relationship has given us the opportunity to work so closely with an organisation who shares the same vision. We are committed to conducting positive environmental action, and through the ability of Planet Ark, our operations are assessed, and we are provided with feedback and recommendations to improve our services. This means we implement Best Practice, working in the best interest of the communities we live in, work in, and are a part of.

We have the opportunity to contribute to a circular economy as part of The Bingo Way, while diverting waste from landfill through recycling and resource recovery.

Together, Planet Ark and Bingo are working towards a joint ambition to see Bingo become the most sustainable company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

“Over the past seven years our partnership with Planet Ark has been invaluable. What we have been able to achieve together is something I am very proud of and with our renewed partnership we will be striving for even bigger, more ambitious sustainability goals. Our aim is to lead the industry in sustainable business practices by being a steward for change by increasing the diversion of waste from landfill and investing in new state of the art technology to increase recovery rates.” said Daniel Tartak CEO Bingo Industries

“It’s been very rewarding to work with what was once a small family owned, skip bin company and see it grow to become an exemplar for others in the recovery and recycling of Building & Demolition waste. We are extremely proud of this partnership and our relationship with Bingo Industries. They are major disruptors in the industry and together we are shaping the way forward for the waste industry,” Mr Klymenko said.

Last week, we were proud to be part of Planet Ark’s 25th Birthday in Melbourne. To celebrate, Planet Ark also announced the launch of the new website for one of their most significant initiatives – Recycling Near You.

Recycling Near You is proudly sponsored by Bingo. This directory is the perfect place for Australian individuals and businesses to learn more about recycling, by researching their nearest facilities. As Bingo currently operates a number of facilities across New South Wales and Victoria, this also helps Australians find their local Bingo Recycling Centre. In addition, it provides further education on certain materials that can and cannot be recycled, and where they are accepted.

The quarter century milestone marks a memorable achievement for Planet Ark – it is a testament to their efforts, contribution and influence amongst Australian society.

Bingo is a proud partner and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Planet Ark.

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