Planet Ark launches Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub)

Published on 24th November 2020

BINGO proud to be associate sponsor of Australia’s first nationally-coordinated circular economy platform

Today, Planet Ark launched Australia’s first nationally-coordinated circular economy platform – the Australian Circular Economy Hub or ACE Hub. 

BINGO is proud to be an associate sponsor of the ACE Hub which was officially launched today by Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, livestreamed from the Sydney Opera House.

Recognising the urgent need for a platform in Australia that inspires and facilitates the collaboration necessary for a transition to a circular economy, Planet Ark conducted vital research and worked with governments and industry to develop the new platform.

The ACE Hub will act as a one-stop-shop for circular economy inspiration, education and implementation in Australia.

“Our research clearly shows the Australian business community understands the need to transition towards a circular economy and the opportunity it represents,” said Planet Ark CEO Paul Klymenko.

“We are incredibly proud to be launching the ACE Hub to facilitate and accelerate this transition and excited to continue evolving the platform to meet the needs of our circular economy community as it grows,” Paul said.
Bingo Industries

ACE hub is a much-needed resource

BINGO’s Managing Director and CEO, Daniel Tartak said the ACE hub is a much-needed resource that will help Australia reduce waste and preserve resources.

“Unfortunately, our landfills are filling up at the fastest rate in our history, we need to start addressing this issue and circular strategies like designing out waste, recycling and reuse, provide cheap and efficient solutions,” Daniel said.

“Many countries around the world are already a long way towards transitioning to a circular economy. We are excited to be involved with the ACE Hub and see this as an important step for Australia. We need to start investing in the technology and research, building recycling infrastructure and making the policy shifts required so we are not left behind,” he said.

Currently, Australia’s economic model is mostly linear: take, make, dispose. Extracting materials, using these materials to produce something new, then at the end of the products useful life throwing it away. The growing acknowledgement that humanity has an urgent need to protect the Earth’s finite resources and reduce emissions has led to a global movement towards the circular economy.

Circularity is a model that requires collaboration and the ACE Hub will be a key networking tool for organisations working across the different areas of the circular value chain.

Working across collection and recovery, BINGO has a key role to play not only through the company’s product manufacturing operations but also in connecting waste and material generators with those organisations focused on reuse, waste reduction design and recovery innovations. BINGO is proud of its 10-year relationship with Planet Ark and is excited to support this crucial initiative.    

Visit the ACE Hub today: 

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