St George Leagues Club Roll Out Bingo


St George Leagues Club has successfully implemented efficient waste services across its premises. Having effectively rolled out this October, the Club is taking recycling and waste management to the next level. Integrating better solutions throughout the club, kitchens, restaurants and back of house, the rollout followed a mass education training seminar to 50 of its staff members in preparation. Introducing recycling, bins of larger capacities, co-mingled bins and organic waste bins. The sorting and separating of different waste types comes at a time where the Club is actively responding to the importance of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Having close ties with the club and sponsorship of St George Illawarra Dragons, Bingo Industries proudly provided a completely tailored solution to cater to the Club’s requirements.

Assigning a dedicated Account Manager, the introduction of new technology and equipment, the Bingo Education Plan and more, our Account Management, Education and Training expertise was well executed with ease, efficiency and the dedicated, mutual support of both our team and the Club.

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