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At BINGO we are committed to environmental sustainability and our community. There are a number of initiatives we have undertaken and that are in development that enable us to Push for a Waste Free Australia.

BINGO and DADI join forces to build a world-class Recycling Ecology Park

BINGO is proud to be joining forces with, Dial A Dump Industries (DADI), following the all-clear from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
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Increase diversion rates of waste

It is estimated that Australia generates 67 million tonnes of waste per year and despite our continuing efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, a staggering 60% of this waste goes to landfill. It’s no secret that Australia is running out of landfill. We need solutions that divert waste from landfill and help us achieve more sustainable outcomes for the health of our planet and our community.


Date: 29/12/2018


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Toward Zero Waste Across Recycling Centres NSW

Countries across the world are adopting stringent approaches to sustainability. Sweden, voted the world’s most sustainable country, prides itself on urban farming, energy-efficient buildings and being home to “Europe’s greenest city” Vaxjo. While Switzerland locals must adhere to strict recycling regimes, Norway is successfully working towards an objective to become a completely carbon neutral country by 2030.

Brands around the world are also following suit. Global retailer H&M for instance accepts recycled clothing through its initiative, Garment Collecting; while Commonwealth Bank of Australia has ranked amongst the top 10 most sustainable businesses in the world, as a result of initiatives such as the Sustainable Property Strategy and the installation of solar panels across a number of its branches in Australia.


Date: 30/12/2017


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