BINGO partners with Envirobank

Published on 16th November 2020

Helping customers generate environmental and social value

BINGO is proud to be partnering with Indigenous supplier Envirobank to help our commercial and industrial customers both recycle used drink containers and raise funds for charity.

Envirobank is an innovative container collections company, helping businesses recycle containers while raising funds for charity through state government container deposit schemes.

Every year, more than 160 million drink containers end up in streets, beaches, parks and waterways across Australia. In NSW, drink containers make up 44% of all litter and cost the state $162 million to manage. To address the issue state container deposit schemes have been established across Australia to incentivise recycling of these containers.

Founder Narelle Anderson started Envirobank in 2008 and has since grown the successful recycling business through leveraging state government container deposit schemes. 

“We make it really easy – and financially rewarding – for people, schools, community groups and businesses to recycle beverage containers,” Narelle said.

“It is a great way for organisations to make both an environmental and social impact, simply by recycling their used containers,” she said.
Bingo Industries

10c from each container collected by Envirobank is donated to a company’s chosen charity.

Envirobank charge a minimal fee for their service which is deducted from the containers collected.

“We provide everything a company needs to start collecting, including a range of bins and bags. Once bins are full we come and collect the contains and organise your refund – simple as that.” 

“We are excited about our partnership with BINGO and we are pleased to be assisting several BINGO customers already with their corporate responsibility goals through recycling and fundraising,” Narelle said.

BINGO customer and commercial real estate group Investa worked with their core tenant to implement a container deposit scheme at their Mount Street building in North Sydney in 2018 and have been raising funds for their charity Eco Barge.

Ryan Juhas, Portfolio Manager from Investa says the scheme has been very popular with building occupants.
“Everyone has really supported the container deposit scheme. People like that their empty container is being turned into a donation which incentivises recycling.” Ryan said.

“Investa has since been able to roll out the container deposit scheme across a number of their NSW sites and plan to have it in all NSW assets by March 2021. The program is a great example of how we can achieve social and environmental impacts in one hit.

“Investa can improve recycling rates whilst partnering with organisations who can use the donations for good,” he said.

Envirobank is a Supply Nation certified business operating in the Return and Earn Scheme in NSW, Containers for Change Scheme in QLD and all other container deposit markets.

BINGO is working towards improving our supplier diversity and working with social enterprises and Indigenous businesses like Envirobank through our Responsible Sourcing Program.

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