Toward Zero Waste Across Recycling Centres NSW

Written by BINGO INDUSTRIES Published on 30th December 2017

Countries across the world are adopting stringent approaches to sustainability. Sweden, voted the world’s most sustainable country, prides itself on urban farming, energy-efficient buildings and being home to “Europe’s greenest city” Vaxjo. While Switzerland locals must adhere to strict recycling regimes, Norway is successfully working towards an objective to become a completely carbon neutral country by 2030.

Brands around the world are also following suit. Global retailer H&M for instance accepts recycled clothing through its initiative, Garment Collecting; while Commonwealth Bank of Australia has ranked amongst the top 10 most sustainable businesses in the world, as a result of initiatives such as the Sustainable Property Strategy and the installation of solar panels across a number of its branches in Australia.

The Bingo Recycling Revolution

As a leading waste management and recycling company, we at Bingo Industries strive to provide the full scope of waste management solutions. When it comes to recycling, we have carefully selected strategic locations across New South Wales to establish our recycling centres in the Sydney Metro, Illawarra Region, Central Coast Region and Newcastle & Hunter Region. Through our centres, we aim to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. This is by way of maximising the lifecycle of materials that can be recycled.

Why recycling centres?

Recycling benefits the environment, the community, and the economy. Most household and business items can be recycled or upcycled. For instance, construction and demolition (C&D) waste such as brick, concrete or tiles, present green incentives, efficient project costs and innovation. This is outlined in our previous article, Resource Recovery Solutions: Building Materials. In addition, household goods from books and cardboard, to electric appliances, can also be recycled. Recycling Centres are in place to provide resourceful locations for the community to be able to sustainably deal with items that can be recycled.

The major benefits of recycling centres:

Utilisation of efficient technology to handle waste and effectively sort and separate what can/cannot be recycled Access to greater resources including equipment and experienced personnel. Rather than individuals handling waste themselves, recycling centres can ease the process and responsibly manage the process Preservation of natural resources by using what already exists. For example, paper made from trees is far more beneficial for the environment as it prevents tree logging for the consumption of virgin wood for new paper Conservation of energy. Aluminium for instance can be recycled time and time again without degrading. This means consuming more energy to create new aluminium can be prevented through recycling aluminium products such as cans Presents economic advantages for individuals and businesses by upcycling items that can be reused, rather than recreating items. This is a great benefit for C&D materials in particular Diverts greater quantities away from landfill by preventing recyclables wrongly entering into these areas Creates opportunities for employees and contributes to guiding the community towards more sustainable efforts.

In a bid toward sustainability, Bingo Industries proudly operates ten (and counting) recycling centres across NSW.

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