Our range of natural and 100% recycled mulch looks great in any garden and can be used for moisture retention and weed suppression. The mulch is most effective when laying depth is 50 - 100mm. All products can be delivered in bulka bags for easy transportation.

Euci Mulch

Layer Depth: 0-4mm

$15 Per m3 + GST

Blower Mulch

Layer Depth: 4-16mm

$15 Per m3 + GST

Mulch Fines

Layer Depth: 4-25mm

$15 Per m3 + GST

Mulch Medium

Layer Depth: 16-25mm

$15 Per m3 + GST

Mulch Coarse

Layer Depth: 25-50mm

$15 Per m3 + GST

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ALL PRODUCTS can be DELIVERED in BULKA BAGS. Delivery can be arranged.

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