Sand and Roadbase

Our sand and roadbase products are 100% recycled and have a wide range of applications. From pipe bedding and trench filling to paving roads, car parks and driveways. All products can be delivered in bulka bags for easy transportation and meet RMS specifications.

Bedding Sand

Meets RMS R11 & Blacktown Council specification. Used for pipe bedding, trench filling, levelling under slabs/concrete, sub-course for paving and pipe bedding. Great alternative to virgin sands.

DENSITY Approx. 1.6t to m3 (1-6mm)

$12.50 Per Tonne + GST


Meets RMS 3051 & Blacktown specification. Used for roads, car parks, driveways, hardstand areas, and private roads.

DENSITY Approx. 1.8t to m3 (1-25mm)

$18 Per Tonne + GST

Select Fill

Meets RMS 3071 specification. Used for sub-base material and sub-grade applications such as under DGB20 for carparks and roads. Replacement of clay-based materials.

DENSITY Approx. 2t to m3 (1-44mm)

$12 Per Tonne + GST

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All products can be delivered in bulk bags.

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