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Bingo Industries

Recycled Building Materials

Sand and Roadbase

Our sand and roadbase products are 100% recycled and have a wide range of applications. From pipe bedding and trench filling to paving roads, car parks and driveways.
Bingo Industries

Bedding Sand

Meets RMS R11 & Blacktown Council specification. Used for pipe bedding, trench filling, levelling under slabs/concrete, sub-course for paving and pipe bedding. Great alternative to virgin sands.

DENSITY Approx. 1.6t to m3 (1-6mm)

$12.50 Per Tonne + GST

Bingo Industries


Meets RMS 3051 & Blacktown specification. Used for roads, car parks, driveways, hardstand areas, and private roads.

DENSITY Approx. 1.8t to m3 (1-25mm)

$18 Per Tonne + GST

Bingo Industries

Select Fill

Meets RMS 3071 specification. Used for sub-base material and sub-grade applications such as under DGB20 for carparks and roads. Replacement of clay-based materials.

DENSITY Approx. 2t to m3 (1-44mm)

$12 Per Tonne + GST

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