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Resource Recovery Solutions: Building Materials

June 14, 2017

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste is any of the waste produced as a result of building and demolition activities. At every step of the building process there is opportunity for businesses to minimise environmental impact and reap the rewards of generating more profit using recovered materials and recycling building supplies.

Life Cycle of C&D Resource and Materials

Typically found in construction, demolition or restoration projects are materials such as paper & cardboard, timber, plastic, soil, green waste, metals, bricks, tiles, concrete and plasterboard. These can be either recycled into other forms or reused. Resource recovery solutions as offered in our facilities welcome all of the waste types from these projects.

Recycling of Building Materials

Why should we recycle C&D waste?

Besides the advantages mentioned in our previous article, Waste Reduction Tips for Construction Sites, recycling building materials and using recycled materials in the construction process has many environmental benefits:

  • Green Incentives: Recycling scrap materials and using recycled goods is enticing for private contractors, government agencies, suppliers and the general public. Given the growing awareness of “going green” this is incentivising for business and their reputation

  • Project Costs: Majority of the types of waste extracted from a construction or demolition project can be recycled or reused. There is also a high likelihood that most of the materials circulating the industry have already been recycled. Given this, it enables suppliers to offer more cost-effective prices, with the same level of high quality

  • Innovation: Turning waste into valuable resources through innovative processes and procedures implemented by expert resource recovery facilities are seeing businesses profit through revenue, growth, and ability to adapt to sustainable market demands.

The National Waste Policy: less waste, more resources, recognises waste as a resource rather than a loss.

How Bingo Industries is focusing on the core areas and strategies of the Policy in C&D:

  • 1. Taking Responsibility: Every global citizen has a shared responsibility to contribute to eco-friendliness and minimise their impact of the environment.
    At Bingo, as a leading waste management company, we have shown our responsibilities through uncompromised methods of waste management across all industries and types of waste especially that generated in C&D projects

  • 2. Improving the Market: Each of our state-of-the-art recycling centres are strategically located across New South Wales and fitted with revolutionary technology. In this, we ensure all locals have access to our resources, servicing Sydney metropolitan areas and extending to Wollongong & Illawarra Region; as well as Newcastle & Hunter Region. One of our latest recycling facilities in Helensburgh also has Sand & Soil Supplies available, offering a vast range of quality recyclables

  • 3. Pursuing Sustainability: For the waste that cannot be avoided, there are many ways to improve methods of waste management. Governed by objectives including using resources efficiently and sustainably to reduce impact on the environments, we believe in implementing eco-friendly practices internally and externally

  • 4. Reducing Risk: Waste produced at either phase of a C&D project can range from general and recyclables to hazardous. As we aim to reduce risk, we also specialise in the disposal of contaminated soils and special waste such as asbestos, to minimise any dangers associated with hazardous materials.

  • 5. Tailoring Solutions: We do this by offering efficient resource recovery solutions.
    While servicing NSW, we understand each C&D project has different requirements. Each project is of a different size and produce different types of waste. For this reason, we offer completely tailored solutions including:

    – Various skip bin types
    – Speciality bins for hazardous/high-risk waste types
    – Diversion from landfill and resource recovery through our Recycling Centres
    – Specialised day-to-day account management

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