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Skip Bin Hire for Households

May 7, 2018

Skip Bin Hire For Households

Skip bins are a core component in the waste management industry. Whether you’re after a solution for Building & Construction waste or an answer to handling household waste during and after a renovation, skip bin hire has many benefits. For households, many individuals may be unaware of how to access skip bin hire or why it is advantageous to do so.

Top 5 Advantages of Skip Bin Hire:

  1. Sustainability
  2. As communities strive to continue in their green efforts and engage in activities that are environmentally-friendly, skip bins are an effective means to do so. By using a skip, waste management companies like Bingo, who supply, changeover and handle the waste have stringent processes to ensure it is sorted and recycled. As verified by Planet Ark, “every Bingo skip bin goes to a recycling centre”, where materials are sorted and separated. This means that recyclables are salvaged and their use is maximised.

  3. Convenience
  4. Handling waste can be difficult, in particular if you are unsure as to how to deal with great masses or various materials. Through skip bin hire for your household, delivery, changeover and collection are the responsibility of the waste management professionals. This takes the hassle out of individuals having to make various trips to the tip or waiting for council pick-ups that may not be as frequent as required. Skip bin hire is simple, practical and helpful.

  5. Efficiency
  6. Saving on time and cost, through scheduled drop offs and pickups, skip bin hire is at your service. This means that Bingo offers flexible solutions to account for hire purposes; be it a one-day Spring clean or a month-long renovation. Having the skip bin at your service saves time and money in travel, disposing of different waste types via different systems and not handling waste most effectively.

  7. Space
  8. Out of sight, out of mind. By clearing waste as it generated, individuals have more space to operate around and do not have to worry about how to handle piles of accumulated waste. Avoiding clutter and tidying areas, skips are efficiently designed, sturdily manufactured and effectively stationed and collected.

  9. Safety
  10. Having a skip bin means waste will not be freely built up around any given area. Having a skip available is a cautious and secure advantage. By placing the various types of waste in the one spot, it ensures there is nothing lying around and not threatening the health and well-being of anyone in its surrounds.

Bingo Industries has a skip for every purpose with the objective to ensure that every skip bin goes to a recycling centre, we guarantee the efficiency and sustainability in all our processes and procedures.

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