Bingo’s Patented Safety Rail

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Bingo's Patented Safety Rail
"Working at heights is a major issue and safety hazard for any construction site. As the purchasing manager I look for suppliers that can be an extension of our business which means understanding our business and the obstacles we face. Bingo provided a very innovative solution which shows that they care for the welfare of their drivers and clients as it eliminates a safety hazard."

Rubin Burmuzoski
Purchasing Manager


Working at height can be a dangerous task as it poses the risk of a fall which can cause death or serious injury. While people generally associate falls with ladders and working on a roof, a lot of falls can occur closer to the ground while unloading or securing a load on a large truck.
NSW WorkCover describes someone who has a health and safety duty as “A person conducting a business or undertaking has the primary duty under the WHS Act to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks arising from the business or undertaking.”
As the fleet grew so did our awareness to address safety issues. It wasn’t enough to provide fast and reliable service but we needed to ensure we were providing a safe and complaint service also that protected our employees and the interests of our clients as we carried out our business on their sites where the responsibility also passed to them.
We knew we had to do something for the safety of our employees and other stakeholders.


Bingo Industries identified high risk areas, deemed as “no go zones” that drivers might encounter when loading skip bins onto trucks. It was soon found, however, that drivers often had no choice but to enter these zones to securely attach the skip bins and secure loads, or simply detach skip bins for the unloading of a bin.
A specifically engineered safety rail system was developed by the Bingo Workshop to protect the driver in this no go zone.


This simple yet innovative solution has resulted in the complete elimination of falls and near misses from these areas. It has enabled drivers to secure loads with full protection, while eliminating the risk of falling off the truck.
The result is a more confident driver through providing a much safer working environment and a much better service to our clients who also trust in our systems and choose Bingo as a preferred supplier because we are able to provide such innovation as part of the service.


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