On-site Separation and Resource Recovery

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Ashfield Mall
"We knew we had the potential to be recycling more and we believe we found the correct partner to do that with in Bingo. Recycling levels are the highest they have ever been and our costs have reduced significantly. Further to this we now have an easy to use system, an educated tenant group using the correct infrastructure that understand not only the importance of recycling from a sustainability perspective but a financial one."

Guillaume Pepe | Operations Manager
Abacus Property Group | Ashfield Mall & Liverpool Plaza


Bingo Industries successfully secured a tender for 2 regional shopping centres owned by Abacus Property Group who is a market leading diversified property group.
Abacus’s overarching strategy is to invest capital in core plus properties to take advantage of value adding opportunities to drive long term total returns and maximise security holder value.
Abacus investment’s objective is to provide investors with reliable and increasing returns by looking for property assets that are capable of providing growth in:
- rental income; and
- asset value
More often than not, waste is overlooked as a major or significant cost overshadowed by other services that perform the day to day tasks that run these facilities or assets. As a result, we see totally incorrect infrastructure or inefficient infrastructure installed to support operating services without consideration of return on the asset.
As part of the tender, Bingo was tasked to present a submission that reduced costs and increased net return on asset through innovation and an alternative submission that allowed Abacus to find value through resource recovery on site and diversion from landfill.


Bingo identified through the initial process that there was potential for the assets to increase recycling. Waste audits were carried out for the first month to ascertain what portion of waste can be captured for recycling.
Bingo and Abacus then agreed to establish the correct infrastructure to support the capture of four major waste streams that were not being captured, including:
- Organics
- Paper/Cardboard
- Comingled
- Cooking Oil
To then maximise the recycling component, Bingo carried out onsite training and education with the use of multi-lingual signage to account for a culturally diverse tenancy/retail mix in the area.


Recycling percentages were at 18% when Bingo were awarded the contract. Today the assets are now achieving upwards of 60% recycling on a regular basis.


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