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Educating the next generation of recyclers

We care about the next generation of recyclers. Our waste education program, designed in collaboration with Planet Ark, takes over 1,400 local school students each year on a free excursion to our Auburn Recycling Centre - one of the most advanced and innovative recycling centres in southern hemisphere. Our hands-on activities give students the opportunity to learn about recycling and waste management processes and encourages them to change the way they look at the world of waste.

The recycling journey

The BINGO education program takes students on a recycling journey - all linked to the science and geography curriculum. They’ll get to explore the processes used to recycle building and demolition waste, beginning with a bus tour, which includes a look at our recycling machinery. They also get the opportunity to deconstruct a house and identify which parts of the house are recylable, while learning about recovery and sustainability. Take a look at the activities we offer.

The excursion activities

Recycling centre bus tour – Students will be taken on a bus tour of the BINGO Recycling Centre in Auburn. At the Centre, they will discover what happens to building waste after collection and they’ll be shown the all of the processes involved in recycling. They will also get a look at our recycling machinery, including our star, ‘Big MRF (or Murf)’. 

Can you recycle a house? Students will be given the opportunity to literally deconstruct a house, tip the waste into a BINGO skip and then separate the building waste into categories.

Recycle right: the recycling journey – Students will explore the processes used to recycle building and construction waste.

Keep it Green! Using recycled and reused products, students will create a mini greenhouse to take home. They will also be given the opportunity to design an Eco-House using sustainable practices.

To learn more on how our education program is linked to the science and geography curriculum, download our excursion flyer.

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