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Utilities and Property Managers

As a property manager you're constantly problem solving and managing crises as they arise. Don't let recycling and waste management be one of the issues you need to deal with. We work with you to identity personalised solutions for your needs, add value and make your job easier. From the disposal of general and co-mingled waste to advanced recycling services, we guarantee efficiency and a customer service you won't be disappointed with.

  General Waste 


Our general waste commercial bins are the perfect sustainable waste management solution for medium to large commercial & industrial waste, with optional wheels and locks. We also have bins that are suitable where space is limited or access is restricted. They come in a range of sizes and can be scheduled for pick up and changeover to suit your needs. They're suitable for packaged foods, non-recyclables, wax cardboard and bagged rubbish. 

 Paper and Cardboard 


Similar to our general waste bins, the paper and cardboard bins come in a variety of sizes and can be customised to your needs. These bins are best suited for paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines and envelopes. You can rest assured knowing our unbeatable customer service will help you keep your business running without any interruption to your waste management needs. 



Part of running a business is also managing the waste that's generated. Items like plastic or glass bottles, plastic containers and aluminium cans can be collected in our co-mingled waste bins. These bins can easily be placed in locations where access is restricted or where there is limited space. Additionally, can be secured with brakes and lockable lids. Our flexible waste collection service can be personalised based on your business needs. 



In order to help your business reduce volume waste production cleanly and efficiently and achieve any sustainability requirements, you can opt for our compactor services. Our bulk waste compactors are state-of-the-art and assist by handling large volumes of waste, in turn controlling the impact of waste on your business. By compacting your waste down to four times the waste in a quarter of the space. These bulk compactors are the ideal option to help manage large quantities of waste from paper & cardboard, general waste, co-mingled and organic waste. 

 Speciality Bins 


When you have waste that would be better suited for speciality bins, we have a wide range available to collect and dispose of sensitive, high-risk or hazardous waste in a safe and responsible way. These bins will help you dispose of sensitive documents, liquid waste, any hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals or high-risk waste. As a fully certified and compliant recycling and resource management company, we are capable of handling this waste in a sustainable and safe way. 

 Septic Tank Cleaning 


If you have septic waste, we provide services to collect, transport and treat it. Waste from laundry pits, portable toilets, septic tanks and sewerage pits are all types of waste that we can collect and treat, aiming to remove, recover and reuse waste with minimal environmental impact. 


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