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Waste Companies and Brokers

Looking for waste services to add to your business and help serve even more customers? BINGO is the waste management company you can rely on. Our customised solutions are efficient, affordable & reliable. So whether it’s sand soil supplies, grease trap collection or a specialty bin for sensitive waste, you can depend on us to get the job done. We can even custom design and build a bin for your needs. And with over 250 collections vehicles on the road and same day delivery 6 days a week, we’re always there when you need us.



With 16 conveniently located recycling centres in New South Wales and Victoria, BINGO is your local recycling centre. Our centres accept all sorts of renovation, gardening, brick and concrete waste - if it can go in a skip bin, you can bring it to our centres. We invest heavily in our recycling centres and have an outstanding reputation in the waste industry as one of the best recycling facilities in Australia. Our unique approach to recycling and sustainability along with our exclusive partnership with Planet Ark puts us at the forefront of the recycling industry.  


Skips Bins


From chainlifted marrel bins to large hook bins, our skip bins come in a wide range of sizes and types, so you can find the right bin for your waste type. We offer same day delivery for orders made before 10am, 6 days a week, in the Sydney and Melbourne metro areas, so you’ll get your bin - fast. And when it’s full, simply give us a call and we’ll take it to one of our recycling centres.


General Waste


Our general waste commercial bins are the perfect sustainable waste management solution for medium to large commercial & industrial waste, with optional wheels and locks. We also have bins that are suitable where space is limited or access is restricted. They come in a range of sizes and can be scheduled for pick up and changeover to suit your needs. They're suitable for packaged foods, non-recyclables, wax cardboard and bagged rubbish. 


Paper & Cardboard


Similar to our general waste bins, the paper and cardboard bins come in a variety of sizes and can be customised to your needs. These bins are best suited for paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines and envelopes. You can rest assured knowing our unbeatable customer service will help you keep your business running without any interruption to your waste management needs. 




Part of running a business is also managing the waste that's generated. Items like plastic or glass bottles, plastic containers and aluminium cans can be collected in our co-mingled waste bins. These bins can easily be placed in locations where access is restricted or where there is limited space. Additionally, can be secured with brakes and lockable lids. Our flexible waste collection service can be personalised based on your business needs. 




In order to help your business reduce volume waste production cleanly and efficiently and achieve any sustainability requirements, you can opt for our compactor services. Our bulk waste compactors are state-of-the-art and assist by handing large volumes of waste,  in turn controlling the impact of waste on your business. By compacting your waste down to four times the waste in a quarter of the space. These bulk compactors are the ideal option to help manage large quantities of waste from paper & cardboard, general waste, co-mingled and organic waste. 


Speciality Bins 


When you have waste that would be better suited for speciality bins, we have a wide range available to collect and dispose of sensitive, high-risk or hazardous waste in a safe and responsible way. These bins will help you dispose of sensitive documents, liquid waste, any hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals or high-risk waste. As a fully certified and compliant recycling and resource management company, we are capable of handling this waste in a sustainable and safe way. 


Grease Traps


Our fleet of liquid management trucks can help your business with grease trap cleaning and maintenance. These solutions include collection, transport and treatment for retail, commercial and industrial businesses. We also have waste-safe and non-waste-safe licenses, Sydney Water and EPA approval and DAF (dissolved air filtration tank) cleaning services available.  


Oil Disposal 


Suitable for the disposal of all types of waste oil including oily water, we provide effortless waste oil collection and disposal services. Speak to us about scheduling regular waste oil collections, ensuring your business isn't impacted by over-filled waste oil containers. You can also organise ad-hoc pickups during peak business periods. 


Septic Tank Cleaning 


If you have septic waste, we provide services to collect, transport and treat it. Waste from laundry pits, portable toilets, septic tanks and sewerage pits are all types of waste that we can collect and treat, aiming to remove, recover and reuse waste with minimal environmental impact. 


Contaminated Soil


We have the expertise and equipment to manage and treat contaminated and hazardous soil. From small contaminant spills to large volume waste management and treatment, we provide safe, compliant and sustainable solutions. If you need our services for excavating, carting excavated materials or both, we can provide the right solutions for your business. We can also assist with the disposal of special waste – asbestos, restricted solid waste, hazardous waste and general solid waste and even recover or recycle some material to offer and even greater saving on disposal costs.  


Aggregate / Pebbles


Our range of quarried aggregates and pebbles are suitable for a variety of purposes. Gravel and aggregate are commonly used for drainage behind retaining walls or around pipes and as a base for roadways, driveways and paths. They're also a great option for trades and DIY enthusiasts looking at enhancing your landscaping. Our recycled products offer a great alternative to meet budget and project requirements.  


Mulch and Compost 


We have a wide selection of garden mulch and compost supplies for landscaping, trades and DIY. Internal or independent testing is available upon request. 


Road Base & Sub Base 


If you have a civil or landscape project, our recycled, quarried and blended compactable materials are the perfect addition. We also have different grades of crushed sandstone for sub base as well as larger size grades, which can be used for decorative purposes. Internal or independent testing is available upon request. 


Sand and Soil 


In addition to our quarried range of sand, soils and aggregates, we offer a wide range of recycled alternatives. These products offer a great alternative to meet budget and project requirements. Internal or independent testing is available upon request. 


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