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Eastern Creek
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BINGO Industries Recycling Ecology Park Master Plan – Stage 1

In August, Stage 1 of BINGO’s master plan for the development of its world-leading 82-hectare Recycling Ecology Park at Eastern Creek was submitted to NSW planning authorities. 

Date: 27/08/2020

Eastern Creek
Bingo Industries

BINGO developing Australia’s largest and most advanced recycling centre in Western Sydney

Development of BINGO’s Materials Processing Centre 2 (MPC 2) at its Recycling Ecology Park in Eastern Creek is well underway, with the majority of the advanced recycling plant now installed. 

Date: 27/08/2020

Eastern Creek
Bingo Industries

BINGO’s FY19 Sustainability Report wins GOLD

BINGO’s FY19 Sustainability Report has taken out GOLD in the Sustainability Report of the Year category in the 2020 Australasian Reporting Awards. 

Date: 13/07/2020

Eastern Creek
Bingo Industries

Update: Incident at Eastern Creek

BINGO advises that the fire which occurred at its recycling and landfill facility at Eastern Creek on Saturday 1 February has been contained.

Date: 04/02/2020

Eastern Creek
Bingo Industries

Waste industry challenges

BINGO shares the biggest challenges facing Australia’s waste management and recycling industry, and how we can act today to create positive change.

Date: 13/12/2019

Eastern Creek
Bingo Industries

Increase diversion rates of waste

It is estimated that Australia generates 67 million tonnes of waste per year and despite our continuing efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, a staggering 60% of this waste goes to landfill. It’s no secret that Australia is running out of landfill. We need solutions that divert waste from landfill and help us achieve more sustainable outcomes for the health of our planet and our community.

Date: 30/12/2018

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Our Site

BINGO acquired the Recycling Ecology Park site, formerly known as the Genesis Xero Recycling and Landfill Facility from Dial a Dump Industries in 2019.  

The Recycling Ecology Park is a 52.4-hectare site, that comprises a fully-operational Materials Processing Centre 1 (MPC1), partially constructed Materials Processing Centre 2 (MPC2), a Waste Transfer Station (WTS) and a general solid waste (non-putrescible) landfill.

BINGO is committed to ensuring any future development of the site will go through appropriate community consultation and engagement processes.

The Next Generation Waste-to-Energy site not purchased by BINGO

The site and facilities acquired by BINGO do not include The Next Generation Waste-to-Energy site. This is still owned by Genesis Xero. BINGO has no plans to develop a waste-to-energy facility on the Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park. 

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Development Activities

BINGO commenced construction of Materials Processing Centre 2 (MPC2) in January 2020. For details of the MPC2 development application please visit www.bingoindustries.com.au/policies/Eastern-Creek-Policies-and-Reporting.

When complete MPC2 will be one of the most advanced recycling plants in Australia, capable of enhanced materials recovery and recycled products manufacturing.

To date, the main building structure of MPC2 is largely complete with installation of the fixed recycling plant and equipment now underway.

MPC2 will expand BINGO’s waste processing capability, increasing recovery rates for customers and producing more recycled products. The plant is expected to be operational in 2021.


Below you will find answers to some of the most common queries BINGO INDUSTRIES receives regarding the Eastern Creek Recyling Centre

What is the Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park?

BINGO’s Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park is a world class recycling precinct, capable of recovering up-to 80% of all materials collected at site. The site is comprised of two state-of-the-art Materials Processing Centres, a waste transfer station and a general solid waste (non-putrescible) landfill.

In FY20 BINGO commenced construction of Materials Processing Centre (MPC) 2.

What is a Materials Processing Centre?

As Sydney’s population continues to grow, the need for effective recycling infrastructure increases. BINGO collects materials through our Waste Transfer Station where it is sorted into various materials streams. These materials are then processed through our Material Processing Centres. Depending on the material size and type it may be sorted, washed, crushed and remanufactured. The remanufactured recycled product produced at our Materials Processing Centres is of a high quality and can be used for building and landscaping purposes. This process provides a better, more sustainable future for the environment we live in, by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

What are the hours of operation?

For the latest tipping and recycling centre hours click here.

How do I contact someone to find out more about BINGO’s Eastern Creek REP?

As the new owners of the Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park site, BINGO is committed to maintaining best practice communication with the local community and to ensuring the conditions of the existing Community and Communication Protocol are met and, where appropriate, exceeded. We have a dedicated webpage for community consultation on our website: www.bingoindustries.com.au/EC-REP-Community. We encourage the community to stay in touch to get the latest developments. Visit our website and sign up to receive any updates related to the site. If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us: 

Online:     www.bingoindustries.com.au/EC-REP-Community
Email:     Community@bingoindustries.com.au
Phone:     02 9519 9999

Will the Recycling Ecology Park be taking household waste?

No. We will not be taking household waste. Household waste is classified as putrescible waste meaning it contains organic matter that is liable to putrefaction (rapid degradation by microorganisms). BINGO’s Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park will only accept non-putrescible waste.

Will the site emit an odour?

The Ecology Park accepts building and demolition and commercial and industrial waste only, which is unlikely to omit an odour. The landfill is a non-putrescible landfill which does not readily decay under standard conditions.

Is the site currently under development?

Yes. Currently, BINGO is constructing its Materials Processing Centre 2 (MPC2). You can find more detailed information about this development and any associated development documentation in the resources section of this page. You can also subscribe to our community newsletter to receive regular updates on this development.

Will the development activity produce noise?

Noise levels will not exceed those set out in the Conditions of Consent.

Has this development gained to appropriate regulatory approvals?

Initial development applications for MPC 2 have been approved. BINGO has made an application to NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to modify the building footprint, machinery and tipping floor operations. You can find all approval documents, including Statutory Approvals and Conditions of Consent, in the Resources section on this page. Any future development of the Recycling Ecology Park will include appropriate community consultation and engagement.

Is the REP connected to the Genesis Waste to Energy project?

The site and facilities acquired by BINGO did not include The Next Generation Waste-to-Energy site. This is still owned by Genesis Xero. BINGO has no plans to develop a waste-to-energy facility at this time on the Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park. 

Do you send your waste overseas to be recycled?

BINGO processes building & demolition and commercial & industrial waste. We do not take household or putrescible waste. The majority of the waste we collect is processed, recycled and remanufactured here in Australia. We believe Australia has a great opportunity to develop its own thriving recycling industry and we see facilities like our Recycling Ecology Park as an important part of moving Australia to a circular economy.

Will the Recycling Ecology Park affect the surrounding environment?

BINGO Recycling Ecology Park will not affect groundwater, surface water, ecology, heritage or soils and land capabilities.

Our team is committed to ensuring the responsible and sustainable environmental management of the Recycling Ecology Park site and surrounding area, now and in the future. We will implement all reasonable and feasible measures to prevent and/or minimise disruption to the environment that may result from any of our development activities.

All environmental reports and approval processes to date can be accessed on the resources section of this page. 

Eastern Creek Policies and Reporting

To find out more on the Eastern Creek Recycling centre, visit our Policies and reporting page

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What is the Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park?

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