Landfill Diversions & Resource Recovery

Help our Push for a Waste Free Australia

At BINGO, we’re committed to keeping your waste out of landfill through our advanced recycling centres. We’re investing in new technology to increase recovery rates - plus we process materials for resale and reuse. That’s good for the environment and good for your business. If you want to reduce waste in your business, we can help with a sustainable waste management strategy that’s right for you.

What is landfill diversion?

Landfill diversion is all about diverting waste from landfill. The measure of how much waste is recycled or recovered and doesn’t end up in landfill, is called a diversion rate. At BINGO, we’re targeting diversion rates of greater than 75% and we’re achieving this through investing in new technology to increase resource recovery.

What is resource recovery?

Resource recovery is a process of separating materials from waste and turning them into into new materials to be used again. At our BINGO recycling centres, we reprocess and resell 5 of the 14 materials that we separate and we divert most of the others from landfill.

The five materials we reprocess are:
  1. Brick & Concrete
  2. Steel
  3. Timber
  4. Green Waste
  5. Paper & Cardboard

What are the products you produce from the recovered materials?

What are the products we produce from the recovered materials:
  1. Road Base (Base material: Brick & Concrete)
  2. Scrap Metal (Base material: Steel)
  3. Mulch (Base material: Timber)
  4. Compost (Base material: Green Waste)
  5. Recycled Cardboard (Base material: Paper & Cardboard)

What happens to the materials you recover?

The materials that we recover create a closed loop material flow that feeds back into the building lifecycle. They are used for civil works, infrastructure projects, landscaping, residential and housing. Take a look at the tonnes of materials we recovered in 2018. To learn more about waste management strategies and our drive to increase diversion rates of waste contact us.

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